Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What I've learned this week

There's a reason why those plus/minus hpts are always on sale: They suck. Fuzzy, hard to read, all pixelated. I used my last one yesterday and promptly went out and spent the big bucks on some trusty FRERs.

First blank test today (8dpiui), meaning trigger shot is officially gone. Fingers crossed that I'll see something by the weekend. I feel pretty terrible (bloated etc) but it's hard to separate the hormonal discomfort from the fact that I've had a terrible cough all week and haven't been able to sleep (and haven't been able to dose up on cough medicine on the slight chance I might be pregnant). Despite the bloating, sore breasts, armpit lumps, etc., I also haven't felt that bustle of activity in the pelvic region that typically signals something going on in there (though I did on Sunday, 5dpiui).

Did I mention this is the longest, slowest 2ww ever?

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Blogger Jody said...

Yes, you mentioned it, but I think it might actually be that, too.

OK, my last 2WW was longer. No, really! ;-)

12:54 PM  
Blogger Antrop√≥loga said...

Your 2ww has been long for me, too. :) I hope you get good news soon!

4:59 PM  

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