Monday, March 28, 2011


No matter how many times I've self-injected (probably 50 or so--of course folks who have done IVF have done WAY more), every time I set up all my stuff in the bathroom--pen, needle, alcohol swab, gauze--it feels slightly unreal. I watch myself ice down my abdomen, wash my hands, prep the shot, and there's still a part of me after all these years that can't believe it's happening.

It's been much easier this time, for some reason. I've been visualizing the needle slipping in between my cells (rather than puncturing my skin) and somehow that makes it hurt less. Last night, I left the bathroom door open while I was shooting up and my husband walked by while I was doing it. His OMG expression made me laugh mid-injection--don't laugh while you have a needle in your belly flesh, girls, it doesn't feel good.


Morning bloods and scan uneventful. Uterine lining appropriately thick, ovaries "active" but nothing gigantic. Dropping dose to 75 IU tonight and tomorrow night, back again on Wednesday.

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Blogger Jody said...

OK, this made me laugh. I was talking really vaguely about IUI with one of the girls once, and her FACE when we got to the needle part. And people think kids are squicked out by the typical conception mechanics! But I don't think Calder saw a needle until the prep session for the HCG.

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