Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Early morning conversation

Bat Girl barges in on me in the bathroom where I stand, naked post-shower, putting in my contacts and putting together my face.

BG: Mommy, did you know that P [a classmate of hers] has a mommy and a daddy AND a baby AND a dog in her family?

Me: She also has a big brother. They have three kids in their family.

BG: Wow, that's a really large family! [yes, she really talks like this]

Me: Yes, it is.

BG: M [a family friend] has two kids in their family. That's the right number.

Me: Why is two kids the right number?

BG: It's not too many kids. Three is probably too many.

Me: One kid is a nice number too.

BG: No, I think we should have two kids. You and daddy need to put the egg and the seed together and make a baby.

Me: Okay, I will get right on that.

BG: How do a mommy and daddy put the egg and seed together?

Me: ...Oh look, Daddy's awake! Let's have some breakfast!



Blogger Lisa said...

I was in that EXACT situation while TTC # 2- it even got to the point where my daughter would PRAY that 'god would give mommy a seed to grow into a baby'. It certainly makes it harder, but just know that one day you WILL give her a sibling. Hoping for the best for you guys!!!

10:35 AM  
Blogger OneTiredEma said...

Heh heh. When you're ready, I recommend "It's Not the Stork."

4:29 PM  

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