Saturday, November 14, 2009

My body is messing with me

SymptomWatch: After the requisite day or two of minor bloating, things have mostly settled down. My nipples/boobs still hurt, but that's been subsiding as the trigger shot hCG leaves my system. (I peed on a stick today just to check that it's almost gone--and also just for the fun of seeing the second line, let's be honest. I wouldn't ordinarily waste hpts that way but I've got a bunch of coupons and rebates so I figured I'd splurge.)

My uterus (and I know it's my uterus, thanks to the off-center location) is super sore and achy and I've been having all sorts of rumblings and pullings and achiness in my lower abdomen today, but that might just be because of the, er, digestive difficulties I've had lately. And how's this for weird: An hour ago I stood up from the kitchen table and got a shot of searing pubis symphysis pain that won't go away. I know that's not a real symptom, since most women who have it get it late in pregnancy, but I thought that was funny. Also funny (but totally not): I got a mailing from Pampers with info on prenatal nutrition and a sample of newborn diapers. I guess they do this to people whose kids are Bat Girl's age because they figure you're probably working on #2 by now--this actually isn't the first such mailing I've gotten. But I find it kind of presumptuous--and talk about a kick in the ovaries for those of us dealing with secondary IF.

Nothing else to say on this front. Dealing with all kinds of insurance/work/life stress, and I actually had a big stress meltdown on Tuesday. So if I do get pregnant, that's a big in your face to all the "just relax" folks. I'm going to test on Friday, which will be 2 weeks from trigger. We'll be traveling and staying with friends and relatives all week, so I won't be tempted to test sooner.

We are definitely switching insurance as of December 1, which means no more IF coverage. Which means this will be our last try for a while, and possibly forever. I'm too worn out from the last 6 months to feel bad about that right now--and no matter what, we would have lost our IF coverage at the end of the year, so at most we would have gained one more cycle. And we don't want to do another cycle right away just for the insurance, not when I'm so burned out and having more and more trouble with the injections every day as it is. But ask me how I feel in 6 months.



Blogger Antrop√≥loga said...

All that would freak me out. Ay.

11:10 AM  
Blogger Jody said...

Ay indeed.

I understand what you say about taking a break from the cycling, but it still pisses me off that anyone could lose IF coverage through an insurance change. You should at least continue to have a CHOICE.

10:45 AM  
Blogger caramama said...

It just bites that you have to go through all this. It sucks that any of us do! But to add the insurance issues on top of fertility issues? Bites.

I'm sending up good thoughts for this cycle!

11:44 AM  

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