Monday, November 28, 2011

All is well

Uneventful blood and scan this morning. Dr. SF raved about my bloodwork results from last week and was delighted that I was pregnant after just one transfer, thrilled that it happened on such a low stim cycle. He pointed out that my ovaries were still pretty swollen so they were dwarfing everything else on the ultrasound, then finally found the little smudgy blur of a sac, implanted right in the middle of my uterus. Yay!

Beta hcg this morning was 4341--the numbers are meaningless to me at this point but apparently my clinic now has a policy (which they didn't have 5 years ago) of just giving you the number whether you ask or not. Back when I was pregnant with Bat Girl I would have to ask before they would give up the hard data, but I guess enough people have asked over time that they decided it was just easier to tell us up front.

Back next Monday for another ultrasound. Might see the heartbeat next week or the week after. Dr. SF recommended that I make an OB appointment sooner rather than later--"within the next 4 weeks"--given my high-risk situation. I'm looking at a high-risk group this time rather than the OB I used for BG and he said the practice I'm considering has an excellent reputation. At this point I'm looking at probably only a couple more RE visits and then I hope to be done with the place FOREVER.

Oh, and one really really nice note from this morning: During my stims phase I would always see this one couple at morning monitoring. Really nice-looking folks, the kind of people I could see befriending (sadly, there are many people I see in the waiting room about whom I do not feel the same). On retrieval day, we passed the husband in the hallway down by the OR. And this morning, I saw them in the waiting room again, which can only mean that she's pregnant too. I smiled at them and said, "We're on exactly the same schedule!" They both smiled back and the husband said, "It's good to see you." And it really was.

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Blogger Jody said...

That is really, really good news. I'm sending lots of good wishes for everything to continue to go swimmingly. Yay!

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Blogger statia said...

HOOOOORAAAAAAAAAAAAAY YOU! So excited and hopeful for you.

10:47 PM  
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