Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Two days more

Got the call this morning that I'm being pushed to a 5dt. Hooray! The nurse didn't have any specific information about embryo quantity or quality but she said if the doctor and embryologist make the decision to go to day 5, that means everything looks good.

Progesterone shots have been going fine. I won't lie, I totally cried Sunday night before the first one. It didn't help that my husband uncapped the syringe, stared at the needle, and said, "THIS needle? THIS is what I have to stick in you?" and then had to take a moment to come to grips with the notion while I was lying there pants askew in horrible anticipation. (We'd watched the video several times and took a class ages ago, but I guess he forgot.) The anticipation was the worst, but once he finally did it it wasn't so bad. The EMLA cream really, really helped--the needle just felt like the tiniest prick going in, and I barely felt the injection. My husband was freaked out by the sensation of pushing that needle into human flesh, but then he's an injection newbie. (I had my own moment a long time ago.) I'm sure by the end of the 2ww it'll be old hat.

I followed all the tips I've gotten online--lie on your stomach so the muscle is totally relaxed, massage for several minutes afterward then apply heat--and while I'm a little sore, it's not too bad. So far. Last night's injection was tougher--the needle hurt more (I didn't leave the EMLA cream on long enough, I think) and then I really felt the oil going in. I'll prep better tonight. If anyone got here by googling "scared of PIO" or "progesterone injections pain" or any combination thereof, let me wholeheartedly recommend the EMLA cream, even if you have to beg your doctor/nurse for it. Get some Tegaderm or similar membrane dressing to hold a blob of cream on your skin for the hour-plus it takes to numb. We also had the recovery room nurse draw circles on my rear post-retrieval to help give us a target to aim for--and a good thing too, as the area she marked was considerably higher and more to the outside than I thought it would be.

Two more days until transfer! I'm calling in sick to work and then sitting by the phone waiting for the call--they call in the morning to give you the exact transfer time.

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Blogger Jody said...

Gah. Just hearing about the PIO makes me cringe. But two more days! That's fantastic.

1:45 PM  
Blogger Heather said...

Yay!! Glad to hear everything looks good!

11:25 AM  

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