Friday, August 21, 2009


Yesterday Dr. SF was on monitoring duty, so I finally got an explanation for why my dose has been going up and down and I've had to go in every day. He showed me my estrogen levels for the week--apparently when they dropped the dose down to 37.5 IU, my E2 started dropping too, even though the follicles were still growing, so they bumped it up to 112.5 to try to juice things up a little. Typical PCOS response, apparently, which is why it's so tough to control stims with polycystic ovaries--there's a really fine line between overstimming and understimming. He told me I'd probably have to keep coming in every day, but since I had at least one follicle around 13 mm, by the weekend we'd probably be ready to either trigger or make a decision on canceling.

I did 112.5 IU again last night, and this morning I had one 15-16 mm follicle and two 12-13 mm follicles on the right and nothing worth noting on the left. Dose dropped down to 75 IU for tonight, back tomorrow. That's 6 days in a row, for those of you keeping score at home. I told Dr. SF I'd probably just set up a tent in the lobby. He's on monitoring duty this weekend, which we're all glad about, so he can keep a close eye on what's going on.

Whoops--getting late. Got to go shoot up and get to bed. I'm so exhausted this week from the early mornings, I'm cranky and stressed out about all the work I have to do. Just a few more days, I keep telling myself...


Anonymous Robbie said...

One 15-16 mm follicle sounds wonderfully promising!

9:48 PM  

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