Friday, April 24, 2009

A bunch of unrelated (well, sort of related) points, in lieu of a real post

• I got braces two weeks ago. As in, mouth full of metal (though the front middle brackets are tooth-colored). I've been eating a lot of soft foods and really miss chewing. I'm told it will get better. Am already getting used to myself looking like a teenager (I even have a face full of zits!) and look forward to being carded.

• Re: zits, I went off the pill in December. Not for a baby-making reason, but because my COBRA hadn't kicked in properly yet after I lost my job and insurance wouldn't cover it. It was only $35 but I didn't want to deal with the hassle of trying to get reimbursed later. I think I also had a thought in the back of my mind that I'd like to see what my body does on its own now, just for information's sake. Not that we were having much sex anyway.

• Since then I have had my period exactly once. First post-pill cycle was 58 days long. Current cycle is going on...60-something? 70-something? We have actually had a surprising amount of sex in that time but I'm fairly certain I haven't ovulated. This is actually worse than when I went off the pill to TTC five years ago--back then I at least started out with a few 40-something day cycles.

• Will probably make an appointment with Dr. SF, just to get some bloodwork done and see where we are at. With the new COBRA subsidies, it's pretty affordable to keep my insurance, which has OK IF coverage, and we may want to take advantage of that sooner rather than later, because we may have to change insurance, because...

• We are talking, seriously talking, about moving. To another big city, 200 miles away. I love Big City but it is hard to have even a halfway decent quality of life here, especially with kids, unless you have a lot of money, and we are finally waking up to the fact that we are never going to be rich. This other city is where my husband's extended family lives and where he grew up, so we would have built-in community there. I could continue freelancing and my husband could continue SAHDing and we could afford a lot better quality of life.

• On a lighter note, I'm on Twitter now, though I still haven't figured out if I like it. If I "know" you (we've commented on each other's blogs) and you're on, too, email me ( and maybe we can follow each other. (Sorry, I have to be kind of strict about this because I'm tweeting under my real name.)

• We ended bottles and high chair all in the same week. BG is now bottle-free and sitting in a vintage Kinderzeat (precursor to the Tripp Trapp--vintage because it's the chair I sat in as a kid, which my parents saved for all these years). Bye-bye to diapers is the next project.

• There is no good way to transfer floating poop from the bathtub to the toilet. Well, no, there are several effective ways, just none that leave you feeling particularly good about yourself.

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