Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Random thoughts

• I really need to get in the habit of looking in the mirror before I leave the house in the morning. I mean, I do look in the mirror, to put on my makeup and make sure my underwear isn't showing, but for about, oh, a year and a half, I've been getting dressed and dashing out of the house without really looking at myself. Dressing is done automatically in Garanimals fashion: Dress plus sweater, check. Neutral pants plus black or white tank top plus jacket, check. Skirt plus some kind of top, check. Throw on flip-flops or sneakers (all my nice shoes live at the office and I change at work), and run out the door. But sometimes the Garanimals formula fails me and I put a perfectly nice top and a perfectly nice bottom together in an unaccustomed way and wind up like today, all sexy secretary from the waist down and impish ragamuffin from the waist up, and it does not look good.

• It sucks when a stay-at-home parent gets sick. Suuuuucks. My husband was kind enough to come down with a hacking cold while I had taken a few days off work. Would not be a problem but for the fact that we are still in this godawful sleep regression and he usually does night duty. I've been getting up with BG so he can get some sleep. I also put her down at night and get up with her in the morning. So this is rather hard. By some miracle neither BG nor I have gotten sick yet, knock wood, because that's our saving grace right now.

• For a month or two every four years, I wish I still lived in the state where I grew up (a major swing state), instead of the state where I live now (a rock-solid blue state), just so my vote would actually count. But only for that month or two. And only a little bit.

• We found a nice preschool not far from us that does a toddler program--one morning a week, for an hour and 15 minutes, parent or caregiver stays with the child, playtime plus age-appropriate curriculum (music class, colors and numbers, etc.), and parents have a "life with toddler" coffeeklatch while the kids have a snack. Sort of preschool with training wheels. The idea is to get both parents and kids used to a preschool-like environment so the transition to actual preschool is easier. This is one of the few preschools near us with a 2-year-old program (2-3 days/week), so it's conceivable that BG could actually attend there next year. I'm not even close to convinced that BG ought to start preschool at age 2, but hubby and I agreed that right now, it would be good to have a structured activity to break up their week, and provide BG with some of the socialization we'd hoped she would get at daycare.

• The preschool thing...ugh, it makes my stomach hurt. We're entering preschool admissions season here in Big City. School tours (the first step in the admissions process) start next month, and we're already signed up at the school where BG is doing the toddler program. Like I said, I don't think she HAS to start preschool next year (I can't believe I am talking about this! She is not even 20 months old!), but I do want to have the option available. Because she is so verbal and precocious in many ways, and because with a February birthday she will be one of the oldest kids in her grade, I do think that "academically" (whatever that means for someone who still poops in the bathtub) she could handle preschool at age 2--some children just two months older than her will be starting 3-year-old preschool next year. On the other hand, I see no signs that she's particularly advanced emotionally or socially, and I don't want to be one of those insane Big City mothers pushing their kids into an overscheduled existence before they're even potty-trained.

God, I just reread all that and it sounds horrible. I need to relax. My kid doesn't even have real hair yet, and I'm thinking about putting her in school? Who am I?

• Twitter: yea or nay? I am enjoying the pithiness of Facebook status updates but sometimes have updates I would prefer not to share with some of the work-related people who are among my Facebook friends. I suppose I should just keep those thoughts to myself but I'm a blogger! I have to smear my every last thought all over the Internet! LOVE ME!!!

• I'd like BG to be a tiger or a monkey (her current favorite animals) for Halloween but I don't like any of the costumes I'm seeing on the Nets and am not crafty enough to whip up my own. And don't want to spend $$$$ for a costume she will wear for, like, an hour.

• Whew. Had a lot more to say than I thought when I began this post.

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Blogger Aunt Becky said...

Ah, the perils of preschool, the heartstrings they do tug mightily. Ben started at 3 and that's probably when I'd start Alex unless he turns into a beastie when the baby comes (it's highly possible. Probable, even).

4:33 PM  
Blogger MsPrufrock said...

I say yay to Twitter. I was ambivalent at first, but I quite like reading peoples' silly little updates throughout the day. Additionally, I sometimes need to write things like "I fucking hate my boss and might rip her head off" in the middle of my work day. I feel soooo much better letting that out.

Jumping to another matter entirely, oh how I laughed at your comment about BG's hair (or lack thereof). I hear that! Potty training? My kid still doesn't have a full head of hair, how am I worried about big girl knickers?

4:43 PM  
Blogger May said...

I hear you on the preschool thing. I was so disgusted with the hubub over the whole thing that I toured ONE school, put Dee on the list, and went on with my life. This almost became a big problem when she finally made it off the list and they had MWF available and work offered me a TTh teaching gig... But I learned my lesson. Sign BG up. If she doesn't go early, fine, but at least keep your options open. And learn from me and have a backup or two lined up, too.

7:39 PM  
Blogger caramama said...

My hubby was just sick a couple weeks ago and I took all night duties during the sleep regression. I was going crazy! So I totally feel for you.

You've reminded me that I need to start calling the daycare/pre-schools to set up tours. Ugh.

I'm on twitter (caramama), so if you are on, let me know! Of course, I've not been on much lately, but I will be again now that work is easing up.

Target had cute animal costumes for 16 or 17 dollars. You could check those out.

12:47 PM  

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