Wednesday, June 07, 2006


10dpiui and that's how I'm feeling. The stress dreams continue, and I've been waking up at 4 am every day. That combined with what I can only assume is a rush of hormones (this theory gently suggested by my husband as I pouted on the couch the other night) and a busy week at work (though I am of course incapable of concentrating) make for one very tired, crabby girl.

And Hope, that slut, keeps barging in uninvited. (Apparently our cat's pest-control skills are limited to mice and cockroaches.) My boobs have been getting sorer again, especially at the end of the day. And I've been having these weird crampy/achy pains in my lower abdomen. Round ligament pain? (I looked it up and the pains are in the right place.) Uterus preparing to expel its contents in a river of gore? Backed-up colon screaming in protest? Who knows?

I've also been very clumsy, which according to folklore among my friends is a sign of pregnancy, or possibly PMS--could be either! Yesterday I refilled the cat's water dish and promptly spilled half of it...on her head. She was not amused.

I'm still as bloated as ever--possibly even more than last week. So much so that I actually started to be concerned that I might have mild OHSS, but I don't seem to have any of the other symptoms. Today I'm wearing a pair of low-slung pants that are ordinarily so loose on me that one sharp tug would pull them right down over my hips. Right now, my belly is straining against the waistband. Seriously, I look about four months pregnant. I've also got that weird sensation of internal organs jostling against each other that I had the day of my IUI. So, is the bloat due to OHSS? Uterus expanding to accommodate a new guest (down, Hope, you bitch!)? That good old colon again? (Constipation, the gift that keeps on giving!) Or a combination?

Sigh. I just want this wait to be over. By this weekend, I hope I'll know something.


Blogger Alli said...

Hope IS a bitch. You're right. The wait is really torture.

12:15 PM  
Blogger Robber Barren said...

Hope needs a good ass-whuppin'

(though, if I can be excused one small whisper...your symptoms do kinda sound encouraging...)

Here's to an ease of the nerves this week, and a positive resolution!

1:17 PM  
Anonymous Watson said...

Good luck! I won't be able to check your blog for an update this weekend, but I'll be thinking of you, and hoping you have GREAT news!

6:22 PM  
Anonymous toni said...

i don't want to encourage that bitch hope to rear its ugly head, but after my unsuccessful iui, i didn't have sore boobs at since you are having symptoms that i didn't have after a failed iui, that might mean yours didn't fail!

7:04 PM  

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