Saturday, March 18, 2006

15 things

I was going to write a 100 things post, but I was too lazy to think of more than 15.

1. I watch way too much TV. I think the TV is on for at least 5 hours a day in our house. I’d like to cut back when I have kids, though.

2. I have traveled all over the world but have only lived in three places: the Midwestern suburb where I grew up, the Northeastern college town where I went to school, and the Big City where I live now.

3. I am double jointed in all of my fingers and have hyperextensible elbows and knees. That means I can gross you out by making my arms bend the wrong way.

4. I’m a voracious and speedy reader, and I average about 5 books a month. (My all-time land speed record: In college, I read Jude the Obscure--a 400-500 page book, depending on your edition—in 3 hours. Then wrote a paper on it.) I love contemporary fiction (usually by women writers), historical fiction, and biography. I also will get really into a topic or theme and read a whole bunch of books on it or related to it--history of Big City, the wives of Henry VIII and Tudor history, transgendered identity, true crime. I also love a juicy chick lit read.

5. I am very bossy. If we all have certain lessons that we must spend a lifetime struggling to learn, being less bossy is mine. Sometimes I literally have to restrain myself from making “helpful” comments to strangers. I am working very hard on not bossing my husband.

6. Growing up, I never used to cry at books or movies. Oh, I cried plenty in my personal life, but I’d sit there dry-eyed at Life is Beautiful or what have you. About 5 years ago, though, it was like a switch was flipped, and now I cry at everything. Books, movies, TV shows--I've even cried at episodes of Sex and the City. And ever since I got married, I cry at every wedding I go to. I’m such a mushball.

7. I had a dog growing up, but I am definitely a cat person now. I love my cat. (Well, technically she’s my husband’s cat.)

8. I quit drinking soda and caffeinated coffee 10 years ago. Now, on the rare occasions I do have something caffeinated, I get so jittery, I swear I’m having heart palpitations.

9. When I was younger, I had a mild form of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Everything had to be “even”--like, if I scratched one side of my face, I’d have to scratch the other side to even it out. I never told anyone about it at the time--I didn’t realize it was unusual--and I only figured out it was OCD when I was in my 20s and read an article about OCD.

10. I used to be in a rock band. In fact, that’s how I met my husband--he was in the band, too. We were really good but our lead singer moved away and the band broke up.

11. If I had a million dollars, I would buy an apartment here in Big City. Sadly, a million dollars would only get me a two-bedroom apartment, and barely cover the closing costs. Maybe there would be a little left over for a few rounds of IVF. If I had two million dollars, I would buy an apartment, get IVF, and travel the world, first class, with my husband and my babies.

12. I prefer very dark, bitter chocolate. I can’t stand milk chocolate. It’s too...milky.

13. I don’t have a middle name. I’ll probably give my children two middle names each to make up for it.

14. I didn’t get my ears pierced until I was 18 years old. My parents thought piercings of any kind were barbaric and wouldn’t give me permission. On my 18th birthday, guess what was the first thing I did?

15. I’m very organized but also a total slob. So everything has its place, but “its place” usually means spread out across the kitchen table or strewn all over the bedroom floor in 87 organized little piles. My husband is very neat--he hates clutter of any kind--but leaves crumbs and spills everywhere. Somehow we balance each other out and our apartment is habitable.


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