Monday, February 13, 2006

Looking ahead

I'm going out of town for Presidents' Day Weekend, but when I get back, while we wait for my period to come (or CD30 and then a round of Provera, whichever comes first), I think I'm going to post about how I got here. I've had this brewing in my head for a while...let's just say that I was first diagnosed with PCOS in 1993--so I've known I might be headed to Infertility Island for over a decade--and I first saw my current RE in early 2004, and a bunch of stuff has happened since then that might be worth talking about. If only because it involves another rare congenital anomaly (I collect them, you see) that I wish someone else had blogged about--so I'm going to have to do so myself.

Nothing else to report. I cried on Saturday, then distracted myself with yoga class (I can finally nail a handstand in 1 out of 3 attempts) and figure skating on TV. I guess I'll do one more cycle, at least, with Dr. S.--he may be a jerk, but it is hard to deny the attraction of an RE 3 blocks from my office. But still keep researching other doctors, just in case...


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