Thursday, February 02, 2006

Happy fun OPK!

I stopped off at the drugstore after work to pick up some OPK sticks--I want to avoid what happened the last time we attempted an IUI cycle, when I ovulated before trigger day. Starting from my Tuesday (CD11) scan, I will be peeing on a stick twice a day to make sure there's no LH surge.

I haven't bought OPKs in a while, so I don't know if this is brand-new or I just never noticed it before, but ClearBlue has a new digital OPK. You can't really tell in the photo in that link, but the "no surge" indicator is an empty circle, and the "surge" indicator is...a smiley face.

Now, I'll concede that the OPK interpretation process could stand to be clearer. I don't think it's that difficult, but I understand that the whole "is the line darker? lighter? same shade?" thing leaves plenty of room for error. So the digital readout is, on the whole, a positive advance in technology. But come on...a SMILEY FACE? As if the TTC world isn't infantilized enough, with the frigging baby dust and pink flowery everything?

I think the "surge" indicator should be a thumbs-up, or perhaps a randy, winking face. "No surge" should be an upraised middle finger, naturally.


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