Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Happy-ish holidays

Just got back from a whirlwind 48 hours in Far-Off Smaller City for Christmas (or Holiday, as I must now delight in calling it just to piss off B!ll O'R*!lly). It was fine--very busy, but that's always best with my family. You don't want too much sitting around and talking, or else we start bickering.

I told my parents about the unicornuate uterus diagnosis. True to form, my mom immediately blamed herself, as I knew she would. I explained that no one knows what causes it and it is almost certainly not due to anything she did while pregnant with me, but she insisted that it MUST be her fault and kept apologizing to me and racking her brain for something she had done wrong. [I just wrote a whole long thing about my mom here but deleted it. Even though this blog is totally anonymous, best to be careful...] Anyway, maybe that's normal mom behavior, I don't know, but it irritated me a bit.

On the plane back, we sat in front of a family of five--mom, dad, two little girls, aged about 3 and 5, and a baby boy. In front of us was sitting another dad and baby. It didn't particularly bother me, but I had to laugh at the whole infertile-couple-surrounded-by-babies cliche coming true yet again. It's not just our imagination! We really are beset by babies at all times!

Office is totally dead today, so I went shopping at lunchtime (post-Holiday sales!) with a coworker. She was remarking how it feels like everyone in the world is married except her. I said all the usual of-course-they're-not things...but I guess she is just going through a version of what I feel, that everyone in the world (or in my life, at least) has babies except for me.

Nothing much else to report. This weekend is my birthday, so there will be some kind of low-key celebrating of that. I'm on Day 20-something and haven't ovulated, according to my BBT chart. And renal ultrasound next Tuesday. Whee!


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