Friday, December 02, 2005

Nothing is easy

Today is Friday. This past Tuesday, after I finally got my referral faxed to me, I made an appointment to have my MRI next Monday. The folks at the imaging center told me that my RE's office needed to get the procedure preauthorized by my insurance company, and that they needed the preauthorization number before my appointment. So I called my RE's office right away and told them this, along with exactly when my MRI appointment was, and they told me they would get it done and call me with the number.

I didn't hear anything else all week, so this morning I called my RE's office to check on the status of the preauthorization. "Um, let me check on that," said the secretary who answered the phone. Long hold. When she came back, she said, "We're going to do that today." OK. Fine.

Just now, my cell phone rang. It was someone from the imaging center. "Your doctor's office just called," she said. "They need you to reschedule your appointment."

"Oh, they do, do they?" I said. "Why is that?"

"Because they don't have the preauthorization yet, and the insurance company said they won't have a decision on it until after Monday."

Now if they had just called for the preauthorization when I requested it...but no, I'm not going to bitch about it. Any more, I mean. My new appointment is for next Friday, just in time for my period, which I was assured would not create any problems for the test.

I thought of 3 more friends who've had babies in the last 3 months, plus 2 more due in the next 3. But is there really any point in counting anymore? I mean, it's pretty much a requirement that if you're infertile (or "reproductively challenged," as I understand is the new PC way to refer to us) you have to have an abundance of fertile friends.


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