Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Lining: 6 mm
Right ovary: multiple less than 10 mm
Left ovary: multiple less than 10 mm
The plan: Come back Saturday (CD16) at 9 am for further monitoring

Time arrived at clinic: 7:20 am
Time ushered into exam room to depants: 7:50 am
Time of wanding: 7:55 am
I know! I've never been seen so quickly in my life! I stopped off at the grocery store and then at a deli to get breakfast, and I still was at work by 8:20. I've NEVER gotten to work that early before.)

I was apprehensive heading into this monitoring appointment. Given that this is my first cycle on Clomid, and that we now know the parameters for going ahead with trigger and insemination are so narrow (single dominant follicle on right side only), there were a lot of things that could happen to trash this cycle, and I worried about them all. Including (in no particular order): multiple large follicles on the right side, no follicles on the right side, dominant follicle on the left side and multiple intermediate-sized follicles on the right, dominant follicle on the right but also one or more intermediate-sized follicles that might or might not release an egg, perfect single follicle on the right but lining incapable of sustaining life, etc.

None of those things have happened. There is nothing to report. I guess I have to go google other people's Clomid cycles and see how worried I should be. Dr. S. said everything looked great, but we don't always trust him, do we?

The US machine monitor was angled so I could see this time. My ovaries look like Swiss cheese.


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