Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Even the spirits have assvice

Last week I went over to a friend's house to have my tarot cards read. We do this about once a year--she teaches a college course in the field I work in, so every year we do a trade, I come in and speak to her class and in exchange she reads my tarot cards. My husband likes to point out that I am getting the raw end of that deal, but it's fun for both of us to hang out and catch up, and frankly I would probably speak to her class for nothing anyway. (And she actually charges about $100 an hour for readings, so you could make the argument that I am getting a great deal too. Not that I would have my cards read if she weren't doing it for free.)

(Disclaimer: I have a healthy amount of skepticism about tarot cards, astrology, and the like, and approach it all in the spirit of harmless fun. If you are someone who believes that I am endangering my mortal soul by playing with such things, let's just agree to disagree, shall we?)

Naturally I wanted to know about the whole baby-making process. Would this whole thing really work? (We also talked about some other stuff happening in my and my husband's lives--his mother is very sick right now, for one thing--but it felt a little creepy to submit that stuff to the tarot.) Overall, the outlook was positive. Strong vibe of May-June and also August, though no way of knowing if that means when I might get pregnant or when a baby might be born. (Pregnant in August and deliver in May? That's a LONG time away.)

Should I switch doctors? I wondered. The cards (as interpreted by my friend) say that my current doc won't do any harm, but that it might be a good idea to at least investigate the possibility of finding someone with whom I click better. My friend also said that the cards indicated I am doing everything I need to be doing, treatment wise, and I just need to keep taking care of myself. She said acupuncture or TCM or consulting a naturopath might be beneficial, too. All stuff I've been considering, so nice to hear.

Then she started saying stuff about yoga, meditation, letting events unfold as they will. She said the cards indicated that whatever happens will happen, and that pushing and being aggressive about making them happen (beyond pursuing excellent medical care) won't make them happen any faster.

Dude, I think the universe told me to just relax.


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