Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Pet peeve

It really bugs me when reporters/writers refer to a female post-secondary student as a "co-ed." A woman was killed in this area over the weekend and her body found yesterday, and all the tabloids and local news keep calling her a "stunning co-ed." Dude, she was a master's candidate in criminology, not a 1950s sweater girl. Can we please join the 21st century?

[boringly excessive detail about my hormones]
Still waiting for my period. I was supposed to call for a Provera rx if I didn't get my period by Saturday (CD30), which I did not. But Monday morning I checked my BBT. Generally I am below 97.7 pre-O and 98.0 or above post-O. Monday's temp was 98.3. I checked again today and it was 98.2, so probably not a random fluke due to cat sleeping on my head. I had checked last Monday and it was 97.6, so it looks like I ovulated or at least had a progesterone surge sometime in the last week--probably Thursday or Friday, judging by the way my skin exploded with acne over the weekend. (One thing about infertility obsessiveness--it has made me very attuned to how hormones affect my body, which is pretty cool. When my skin started acting up, I suspected I'd had a prog. surge, which is why I checked my BBT.) So I am not going to bother with the Provera. As I understand it, the way Provera, which is basically progesterone, works is that it temporarily elevates your progesterone level. The drop in progesterone after you stop taking Provera is what brings on your period. Last cycle, I took Provera after my BBT already went up, and it made no difference whatsoever in how quickly my period came--I think because since my prog. level was already elevated, the post-Provera drop wasn't enough to start the bleeding. I am betting that my period will arrive on its own on or about March 10. And then we can get this damn cycle started.
[/boringly excessive detail about my hormones]


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