Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Not fun: making my way to the clinic at 7 am in a horrible ice storm. Sidewalks slick with an inch of sheer ice, pelting frigid rain, really testing one's commitment to getting pregnant. Sort of symbolic of my wintry state of mind as we start off our second round of trying for #2.

Also not fun: bleeding right through the paper onto the exam table. Ick.

However, all systems are go for this cycle. Dr. SF had put a cheat sheet in my chart to remind himself of the details of my one successful cycle (3 days at 100 units Follistim, then drop down to 75 for 2 days). Friday I'll start with 112 units Gonal-F (he advised me to actually dial it between the 75 and 112.5 lines to get a little bit less), back in for monitoring Monday. Normally I would have started tonight, but I didn't want to come in on Saturday (it's BG's birthday! and I have to prepare to have a horde of small children dismantle my apartment!) and since Dr. SF isn't in this weekend he said he'd just as soon have me come in on Monday when he could see me himself.

Wintry metaphors aside, I am trying to have a really positive attitude about this cycle. Being cranky and whiny about it is only going to make it harder to drag myself out of bed before dawn or give myself the injections. Being upbeat isn't necessarily going to make it any easier, but it will help me stay a little saner, perhaps. (I hope--this positivity thing is kind of new for me.)

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Blogger Jody said...

I have this urge to whoop, "and you're off!" Luckily I'm too far away to be smacked. Or stabbed with an icicle.

5:00 AM  

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